Effluent Treatment Plant

As the world fights over the hazards created by the various effluents, the by-products of industries are hazardous to the environment both Land & water.

Design Supply Installation and Commissioning. We at Eco Credible offer the best solutions for the treatment of industrial effleunts and waste water, with detail engineering, designing, supply, installation and commissioning.

1. A detailed assessment of existing treatment
chemistry/plant with a report detailing areas of

2. Optimization of existing treatment chemistry/plant.

3. Service visits both technical and

4. Effluent treatment studies.

5. Cost saving and value for money solution.

6. Waste reduction.

Operation and Maintenance

The O&M is the heart of a successful plant. The success of the Investments lies in accurate running of the systems. We have the expertise and automated systmes to prevent plant breakdowns. The operators have minimum five year of experience in operation and maintenance. They are well versed and trained according to system and technology requirement.

The Eco Credible Advantage.

1. Extensive Study of the current system.

2. Optimum Solution.

3. Engineered Filtration.

4. Value for Money.

5. Experienced Operators.

6. State of Art Training.

7. Minimum Operating Costs.

8. Minute Updates of the Performance Reports.

9. Technology Updates. (Every Quarter)