Our Process

1. Identification and Classification

Once an enquiry is submitted an Eco Credible executive will make a visit to identify and inspect the materials available for disposal.

The materials are classified into different basic categories based on the services required for each of them. This enables Eco Credible to offer you the best and environment friendly services.

2. Collection and Transportation

Collection of materials is conducted in a swift and timely manner as per your convenience.

Tie-ups with logistics firms enable us to transport the e-waste from any part of India to our facility safely and securely.

3. Primary and Secondary Treatment

The e-waste collected from your facility is processed in a MPCB approved and environment friendly manner with maximum focus on reusing the processed materials.

These materials obtained at the end of the processing are then supplied to other manufacturing industries as raw material.

4. Certification

Upon completion of the recycling process Eco Credible will issue your organization with a Certificate of Destruction.

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